Lanier/Taylor Century Club

Formerly "Century Club"

The name of the NBPA Century Club was changed to the Lanier/Taylor Century Club in August of 2019. in Philadelphia, PA. The reason for the change is simple. Both these men are being honored for creating and caring for a club that allowed members to be part of an elite group who loved and were devoted to the organization. Both Taylor and Lanier were very important advocates for Black officers in their own right.


Charles " Chuck" Taylor

"Chuck" Taylor, past President of the NBPA,  was from Elizabeth, NJ. He served in the Korean War as a veteran in the United States Air Force. His commitment to service led him to work in New Jersey as a county prosecutor in Union as well as Passiac. Charles Taylor, better known to his friends as Chuck, was a dedicated throughout his entire tenure from 1972 until he retired in 1994. 


Shelby Lanier

Lanier joined the Louisville Police Department in 1961.  He organized the Louisville Black Police Organization (LBPO) in 1971 and was a co-founder of the national Black Police Association (NBPA). He paved the way for other Black officers to join the LPD by filing a massive class action lawsuit against LPD and the city of Louisville in 1974 charging discrimination in recruiting, promoting, and disciplining for Black officers. 

In 1980 a Federal Judge ordered the city to hire one Black person for every two white persons until the department was 14.5% Black. Additionally, in 1987 the city was instructed to pay 4.7 million to the applicants who were passed over for hire. Shelby Lanier remained active until his passing.

The Century Club Story

The Century Club was founded in 1981 by Shelby Lanier of Louisville, Kentucky. Lanier was President of the Louisville Black Police Organization and Co-Founder of the National Black Police Association (NBPA). A few years after the club formed, Lanier stepped down and Charles “Chuck” Taylor became the long term caretaker of the club.

The purpose of the club within the NBPA was to generate revenue for the betterment of the organization.

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